Kris Versteeg, Right Wing Chicago Blackhawks – Elite Knee Brace

Kris Versteeg “I was looking for something low profile and lightweight I could wear underneath my hockey equipment, I looked around and hadn’t found anything that I quite liked and I came to Lethbridge Orthotics, its been a great experience and I brought my knee brace to my team in Chicago to my trainers who have seen thousands of braces throughout their years and these guys were very happy with the finished product. Hopefully we get a few more guys around the NHL wearing this brace, its definitely helped me and I enjoy wearing it. Its what I’ll be wearing for the 2014 hockey season.”

Nate Baldwin, Professional Cowboy – Elite Knee Brace

Nate Baldwin “I tore my ACL roping and I came into contact with Lethbridge Orthotics I was very skeptical at first because a lot of Cowboys use the CTi brace or Donjoy brace and I have the CTi and I was wearing it at the time. Once I went in and got my leg scanned and my brace I could not believe how good of a fit it was and how much more I liked that brace than my other brace. During my practice sessions with my CTi brace about every 20 minutes I would have to re-adjust it. With this new brace I don’t have to re-adjust it, it’s a really intimate fit on my leg and I’ve had great success with it.”

Luke Creasy, Professional Cowboy – RODEO Elbow Brace

 Luke Creasy  “When I switched to my Lethbridge Orthotic brace I saw a direct improvement in my riding. I placed in my first 6 of 8 rodeos I went to that carried me to the Canadian Finals. At the Canadian Finals not only did I notice that it helped me ride but when I got hung up in round 5 the brace helped carry me through to round 6 taking away the brunt of the horse as I was hung up for over a minute. In many ways this brace has helped carry me through and I look forward to riding with it in 2014.”

Lauren Taal, Former Pronghorn/Professional Basketball Player – Elite Knee Brace

Lauren Taal “I suggest Lethbridge Orthotics for anyone who needs any kind of bracing, the facility is really friendly, accommodating and very professional. I’ve worn my knee brace ever since I tore my ACL and its super lightweight and can’t even feel it when I’m playing. In Germany I knew a girl who tore her ACL and she could not believe how light my brace is and how easy it is to wear.”

Kyle Bowers, Professional Cowboy – RODEO Elbow Brace

 Kyle Bowers  “I lost my old brace that I had for 10 years and for a guy like me to ride without a brace is just not going to happen. I called Tracy at Lethbridge Orthotics and that weekend he had a brace waiting for me the next day which saved my season. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have had the success I had this season. Their braces are an awesome new technology that are super light and super comfortable and I think they are going to do a good job for bareback riders around the world.”

Sarah Novak – Spartan Race Athlete

 Sarah 4 My knee brace is amazing, 5 years and still going strong. It’s been through a lot, and it’s been everywhere from Montana to Hawaii!  It’s the first thing I pack when I’m racing or training/competing with my dogs, without it I could not do what I love. I have complete ACL tear and have had a meniscus surgery, and this brace gives me the freedom and confidence to perform as if my leg was 100%. Thanks for the great service, care and helping to keep me running!

Todd Woodward – Professional Cowboy

Todd Woodward First of all I’d like to thank Lethbridge Orthotics, every time I come in they take good care of me. I’ve been wearing my brace for 16 years, its been awesome and I haven’t had any problems. I can wear my brace all day at a rodeo or all day skiing and I know a lot of guys that have braces from other companies and put their brace on 5 minutes before their run and have to take it off right after. I know they can usually have a brace ready here within a couple days and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.