Amfit Foot Orthotics

Amfit is the world’s premier technology for state of the art computerized custom foot orthotic equipment, products, and services. Lethbridge Orthotics offers cutting edge technology, superior custom orthotics, and quality customer service. Our clinicians rely on Amfit to provide the best-fitting foot orthotics for their patients.


 Foot1 The Amfit Digitizer gives us the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics. The Digitizer captures a 3D image of the plantar surface of the foot giving us the data to make the best foot orthotics. We can make digital adjustments to the image to best fit your needs.


Omega Scanner

The Omega Scanner is a hand-held 3D structured light scanner, which means that a structured scatter pattern of light is projected onto a limb’s surface and then the scanner picks up distortion in the pattern to determine the shape of the limb quickly and accurately. The captured images can then be manipulated in Omega Tracer software for the creation of prosthetic and orthotic devices.

 ww_omega-3d-scanner  The scanning process is very simple, the clinician applies a reflective sticker to the skin for the scanner to recognize. As the clinician moves the scanner around to capture the contours no eye protection is necessary.  This scanner is mostly used for cranial helmets, protective face masks, arm and leg scanning.


Lethbridge Orthotics regularly uses advanced CAD CAM techniques for the design and manufacture of custom-fit products as well as providing these advanced tools to the industry. The Tracer System puts this technology into the hands of prosthetists and orthotists for efficient and highly accurate shape capture.

LO - 3 Prosthetics/Orthotics software enhances the ability of the practitioner to capture highly defined upper and lower limb shapes. An amazingly broad suite of modification tools are included that allow plaster modification techniques to be replicated with ease.

CAD/CAM Carvers

Our carver is designed to mill industry standard, environmentally safe, polyurethane foam blocks and can handle sizes ranging from small upper extremity shapes to very large spinal shapes. The original scan is taken from our Omega Scanner or Tracer and we have the software to digitally alter the image into a corrected position. Digital precision allows us to fabricate a more intimately fitting brace.


2  Our Carver works as a 3D printer to help us get exact measurements in order to build the device necessary for you. From protective facemasks to knee braces this Carver gives precise dimensions for us to build your device.