Lower Extremity

Our experienced and Professional Prosthetists are committed to helping amputees live active and fulfilling lives. Whether the goal is to be back at work, active in athletics, or to simply be mobile and independent, we strive Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.to provide a device that enables amputees to reach their potential.

Lower limb prosthetics are devices designed to replace the function or appearance of the missing lower limb as much as possible. In contrast, lower limb orthotic devices are designed to support, supplement, or augment the function of an existing lower limb.

The following are considerations when choosing a prosthesis: 

  • Amputation level
  • Contour of the residual limbLethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.
  • Expected function of the prosthesis
  • Cognitive function of the patient
  • Vocation of the patient (eg, desk job vs manual labor)
  • Avocational interests of the patient (ie, hobbies)
  • Cosmetic importance of the prosthesis


At Lethbridge Orthotics we have 4 Certified Prosthetists to help compensate for the loss of physical function. We offer prosthetic limbs that vary from the basic to the most technologically advanced device to fit your needs.