Ligament Knee Brace


The overall perception of knee bracing technology available to most patients today is that “everyday” knee braces can be unsightly, heavy, bulky, restrictive, and uncomfortable. These misconceptions combine to produce “brace anxiety” among many patients, often preventing mainstream adoption and compliance of braces that can help prevent injuries, allow people to remain active while healing, and protect the knee from future injury.

Kris Versteeg, NHL Player – Elite Knee brace

Kris Versteeg “I was looking for something low profile and lightweight that I could wear underneath my hockey equipment. I looked around and hadn’t found anything that I liked and then I came to Lethbridge Orthotics. It’s been a great experience, and I brought my knee brace to my team in Chicago. My trainers have seen thousands of braces throughout their years, and these guys were very happy with the finished product. Hopefully we get a few more guys around the NHL wearing this brace; it’s definitely helped me, and I enjoy wearing it. It’s what I’ll be wearing for the 2014 hockey season.”

Luke Creasy, Professional Cowboy – Elite Knee Brace

Luke Creasy  “Buying these braces is my investment in longevity. After how well the arm brace has treated me, I know the knee braces will pay off.”


The most advanced image capturing of your limb and provides accurate adjustments for swelling and atrophy.

  • Digital Precision = intimate fit
  • Intimate fit = Superior Stability


Carbon Graphite Frame – Lightest, strongest material known.

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.

Titanium Townsend Hinges

  • Virtually Maintenance free

The most intimate fitting custom knee brace, allowing it to
be worn under clothing and sports wear:




Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.

The Elite Advantage

  • Lightest and most intimate fitting brace available
  • For all activities including hockey, horseback riding,
    basketball, football, skiing, and more
  • Manufactured and maintained on site
Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.

How is your Brace Made?

 Lethbridge Orthotics prides itself in its field-leading technology. For most knee braces, a CAD/CAM tracer is used to scan a 3D image of the knee. The scanner creates an exact replica for us to make a custom knee brace made 100% for your leg. Many people have asked how our braces stay suspended on the leg and fit so intimately. Our technology is the answer. Your brace is then built onto an exact replica of your knee carved out by our 3D carver. Advances in technology allow us to build better braces to make sure your brace is the exact fit for you.