Knee Supports

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)

A knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) is an externally applied orthopedic appliance which encompasses the foot, ankle, lower leg, knee and thigh. KAFOs and knee braces come in various designs and the appropriateness of each design is determined by the type of Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.deformity and functional levels of the individual.

Provides support for:

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury

Patella Stabilizer

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.The Patella Stabilizer Brace is designed to provide compression, warmth, and support to the knee. The inferior and superior straps reduce tension on the patellar tendons, thus reducing the pain associated with repetitive loading of the knee joint. We offer a variety to meet each specific need.

 Neoprene Hinged Supports

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.This cost-effective, single-upright brace is the perfect option to treat moderate MCL injuries, or mild combined ligament instabilities. Its carbon steel range-of-motion hinge and injection-molded carbon shells are extremely durable. The Trainer is an excellent option for use in activities where a medial hinge may impede performance, or a padded shell covering is required.

 Knee Sleeves and Bands

Economical coolprene knee sleeve with patella hole and 2 spiral stays medially and laterally. Provides compression, warmth and stability with a patella hole to Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.relieve pressure on the patella. The warmth promotes increased circulation while side stays provide mild stability. The updated Active IP Strap provides compression to the patellar tendon and stability to the patella, providing pain reduction and relief, great for athletics.

Immobilizers & Range of Motion Braces

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.We offer Post-Op and Pre-Operation Braces that have a range of motion hinge which can be easily adjusted in 10 and 15 degree increments as the rehabilitation requirements change. The uprights are pre-contoured and fit most legs, but can be removed for further shaping.

Prefabricated Braces

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.Lethbridge Orthotics offers a broad spectrum of prefabricated braces according to the deformity. From sports injuries and osteoarthritis to patellar tendon pain we have the brace you need to get going again. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes in stock that can be tested to find the ideal brace for your situation.