1) How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment at Lethbridge Orthotics, you may call our office at 403-328-1144, send an email to info@bracing.ca, or click on BOOK APPOINTMENT NOW on our home page.


2) Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

To be able to order a brace or orthotic device you do not need a doctor’s prescription. Most private insurance companies and government funding agencies require a doctor’s prescription in order to receive compensation.


3) Does private insurance cover my costs?

Most private insurance policies cover the cost of your device, depending on your plan. We do not direct bill, but with a doctor’s prescription and receipt from Lethbridge Orthotics you can submit a claim to your insurance company.


4) Does the government provide funding?

Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) does provide assistance to most Albertans for some devices such as knee braces, orthotic braces, back and abdominal braces, and more. Every situation is different, so don’t hesitate to contact our office for a free consultation to find out.


5) How much does it cost?

At Lethbridge Orthotics we are committed to providing a high quality service for a reasonable cost. As each Orthosis is individually assessed and fitted, it is difficult to provide an exact cost prior to your appointment. At your initial appointment, your Orthotist will discuss costs with you prior to proceeding with any treatment.


6) What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Depending on the type of appointment, we suggest the following:

Foot Assessment – bring current footwear, referral/prescription if you have one

AFO/ KAFO/ KO Assessment – wear shorts or loose pants that can be rolled up, referral/prescription if you have one

Spinal Cast – make sure to wear a tight fitting shirt to go under brace, referral/prescription if you have one

Baby – usual clothes, referral/prescription if you have one


7) Can I choose a brace color?

We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can select your favorite at your first appointment.


8) Where is my brace fabricated?

At Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services Ltd. we do all of our own manufacturing in house. We are fully equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to make and service all our products. We can make all adjustments or repairs to your device here.


9) Why are we the most qualified?

Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services offers 3 certified Prosthetists/Orthotics (CPOs) and 1 Orthotic resident who is currently finishing his Master’s. Between the 3 CPOs they have over 50 years of experience to better serve you. We also have 1 certified Pedorthist (CPed) to take care of all your foot orthotic needs.