About Us

Our administrative team is experienced, friendly, and professional. Above all, they want what is best for you, the customer.

Our team of technicians is made up of experienced craftsmen who take pride in creating a product that meets the highest standards in our field. They strive to make each product both functional and cosmetically appealing.

Tracy Duce – C.P.O.

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.

Tracy Duce returned to his roots in Southern Alberta where the Duce name is well recognized in rodeo circles. Tracy graduated from BCIT with Honors, and his degree in Physical Sciences from the University of Calgary lends perfectly in assisting the athletic patient. Tracy has been certified in Orthotics since 1991 and Prosthetics since 1997. He lends his expertise in Orthotics to the extra special needs of children. After 8 knee surgeries and a wide variety of knee braces worn by himself, Tracy has extensive experience on making and fitting knee braces. Over the years, Professional Cowboys, an NHL Player, and many University and College athletes have come to him to get the right brace to keep them performing at a high level.

Jeffrey Ball – C.P.O.

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.

Jeffrey Ball has been with us since July 2000. Jeff is a local, born and raised in Southern Alberta. He returned to Lethbridge after graduating with distinction with his degree in Biomechanics from the University of Calgary. His education in biomechanics gives him sound understanding of the physics and engineering of the human body. Jeff is dual-certified, having completed his prosthetics exam in 2008 and orthotics in 2010. Being dual-certified, Jeff can meet the needs of a wide variety of patients.

Ryan Cochrane – C.P.O.

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.

Ryan Cochrane joined the clinic in 2008 after completing his prosthetics and orthotics training at BCIT, where he graduated with honors. Ryan grew up in Saskatchewan where he enjoyed many sports and activities, but he spent the majority of his time ski racing all over western Canada and the U.S. as part of the Saskatchewan Alpine Ski Team. Ryan received his Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree in Athletic Therapy from the University of Calgary where he worked with the Men’s Volleyball and Football teams. Ryan also spent a season with the Calgary Colts as an Athletic Therapist Assistant. This training has developed Ryan’s assessment skills to recognize many problems and helps him understand the needs of the athletic patient. After completing his degree, Ryan went on to receive his 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Diploma and became a Registered Massage Therapist where he had the opportunity to work with the University of Calgary Swim Club and the Women’s National Hockey Team. Ryan found his true calling when he joined the prosthetic and orthotic field and is very excited about his future with Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services Ltd. Ryan is dual-certified as a Prosthetist/Orthotist. Ryan is certified to fit many of the newest prosthetic devices including the Genium Bionic Prosthetic System, Michelangelo Hand, and Dynamic Arm.

Emilie Soper – C. Ped

Lethbridge Orthotic - Prosthetic Services Ltd.

Emilie Soper joined the clinic in May of 2012. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge having received her Bachelor of Science Kinesiology degree with a minor in French. Emilie spent most of her youth in Medicine Hat where she did the first two years of her degree before transferring to Lethbridge University. Emilie’s education in Kinesiology gives her a vast knowledge of the functions of the body, and since joining LOPS her focus has been entirely devoted to the feet. Emilie became a Certified Pedorthist in June 2013 and has become an expert in making custom foot orthotics.

Koji Duncan – P.O. Resident


Koji Duncan graduated from the University of Lethbridge and has worked at Lethbridge Orthotics since 2009. In 2012 Koji attended BCIT and finished in 2015 with a Master’s Degree of Rehabilitation in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Currently Koji is doing his residency in orthotics and learns from Tracy, Jeff, and Ryan’s years of experience. Koji’s Kinesiology and Master’s degrees, along with his background as a technician, provides him with a unique set of skills to give quality care for you and your family.