Welcome to Lethbridge Orthotic – Prosthetic Services Ltd.

At Lethbridge Orthotics – Prosthetics Services Ltd. we do all of our own manufacturing in house! We are fully equipped with the tools and talent we need to make and service all our products. We can make all adjustments or repairs to your device here!

We are equipped with the latest technology in the field of prosthetics and orthotics. We use CAD-CAM, a computer technology that captures a 3D image to manufacture our products. With the TracerCad technology we can deliver our custom made knee braces the next day if required. We pride ourselves on being effective, efficient, and truly high tech.

Our facility is conveniently located at 543 13th Street North Lethbridge, just a short drive from the Lethbridge Regional Hospital. We moved to our current location in June of 2001. The new location is much larger than our previous location, with plenty of accessible parking. Our facility was designed with the comfort of our customers in mind.